Festively Chic Pieces You’ll Reach for Even After the Holidays

Festively Chic Pieces You’ll Reach for Even After the Holidays
It is safe to say the holiday season calls for outfits that are a little more FESTIVE and FORMAL than your everyday ensembles. In 2020 especially, planning your holiday ensembles is the perfect distraction!
One way to accomplish a more dressy look this holiday season is to stock up on dresses, these timeless pieces in a variety of fabrics get more chic every year.
Selecting the perfect festive attire is an indulgence all women appreciate - glittery cocktail dresses, whimsical heels, jewels galore. However, occasion-specific pieces don’t always get the most use. Instead, it’s wise to invest in wardrobe hits that will both make a statement at an event and be versatile enough to live on in your wardrobe for seasons to come. Especially this year of all years, think elegant outerwear, classic-with-a-twist knits, and sleek accessories from bags to boots. Build a seasonal lineup of looks that you will be able to wear from Christmas to all winter long! 
Today we’re sharing an assortment of styles from knitted to patterned dresses, luxe blouses and even loungewear to keep you looking your best on those snowy holiday nights. Whether you plan to style these pieces with statement heels and earrings, or some cozy knit socks and joggers, these are the pieces to have on your radar - we already do.

To make your holiday shopping that much easier, we’re bringing you a selection of some great holiday wear, all available from our website!


You can never go wrong with a knit sweater dress! Dress it up for the holidays and wear it all throughout the winter season. Our Tunic Sweater is available in 3 colours, a great staple piece.


One of the HOTTEST trends of 2020, our Snake Print maxi dress is the perfect trendsetter piece for the holidays.


Our Cranberry Blouse pairs perfectly dressed up with leather pants and dressy heels, or make it casual with jeans!


HELLO comfort and style! Loungewear is so in right now, be comfy and cute in our Elegance Long Sweatshirt!
Christmas outfits ALWAYS depend on where you’re going for christmas dinner, and what you’re doing. If you’re home you’re probably not going to drape yourself in sequins and wear sky high heels (unless you want to, which is fine). If you’re off to your parents’ for a casual dinner – why bother with dressy over-the-top looks? If all else fails just wear something simple with a dash of red!
‘Tis the season of indulgence, family-time, and all of the holiday sweets!


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