Unique Boutique: A Tale of Uniqueness, Creativity, and Empowerment
From its humble beginnings, Unique Boutique has blossomed into a safe haven where women are celebrated no matter what size or age. Gosia's unwavering commitment to fostering a space where everyone can embrace their distinctiveness has made Unique Boutique not just a store but a testament to the power of following one's passion and the beauty of self-expression through fashion.
Mission: At Unique Boutique, our mission is to celebrate the uniqueness of every woman, regardless of size or age. We provide a safe, inclusive space for self-expression through fashion, inspired by the rich heritage and impeccable style of our founder, Gosia Jurgiel.

Gosia Jurgiel: Founder & Owner  

Unique Boutique is the brainchild of Gosia Jurgiel, an enterprising woman whose journey began in 1990 when she immigrated from Poland to Canada as a single mother. Initially, she sustained herself as a teacher, but her heart always yearned to express her uniqueness and creativity through the world of fashion.

Inspired by the impeccable style of her grandmother and mother, whose European flair was a constant source of admiration during her formative years, Gosia nurtured a dream to create something of her own as a woman and an entrepreneur.

In 2000, she took a bold step and materialized her vision by establishing Unique Boutique. This venture wasn't just about clothing; it was a culmination of her life's journey, a tribute to her heritage, and a reflection of her relentless pursuit of creativity, self-expression and independence.