Gosia Jurgiel is modern spiritual teacher, life mentor and motivational speaker.

"If you get...give .If you learn...teach " Maya Angelou

After graduating from the University of Wroclaw with the degree in physics, Gosia went on to various teaching jobs where she discovered that she has the gift of teaching. She then learned that she had a passion for fashion which led her to help women look beautiful on the outside.

Many life events and unexpected personal circumstances propelled her to a new fascinating path many years ago .This path Led her to discover amazing teachings and therapies that enabled her to heal her own life. Marrying her creative passion, her wisdom, life experience, education, gifts and knowledge, she design her own technique to help others transform their lives.
She presents spiritual concepts in modern and unique way that everyone understands
"In any given moment we have two options : To step forward into growth or to step back into safety " Abraham Maslow
Gosia 's desire is to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and empower to discover their essence, meaning and purpose of life. Her passion for life, outgoing personality, sense of humour and compassion for others makes her style deeply engrossing and warmly inspirational.
Deciding to make changes in one's life takes a lot of courage
"I'm interested in your unique life journey, your life strangles and your deepest longings. I will be honoured to stand by you with tremendous compassion and love to support you in your healing journey and guide you to create desired life "

Gosia Jurgiel