How To Determine Your Body Type - A Complete Guide

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Fashion trends shift quickly, and it can be challenging to know how to adapt them to fit our unique (and gorgeous!) body types. We, at Unique Boutique in Uptown Waterloo, do believe that being fashionable is all about looking amazing and feeling wonderful about oneself. But you could say that we follow guidelines, rather than rules.

Dressing for your body is easy when you know what kind of clothes are going to look good and make you feel confident. If you don't agree with the preceding statement then see what popular The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil has to say on negative body types and their impact on modern North American society.

Once you’ve determined your body shape, shopping for clothes becomes an easier and more efficient process because you’ll start to figure out what clothes will compliment you best. 

Our blog post series will help you determine your body shape and how to style your specific body type to make your shopping experience easier. We have put together this helpful guide to show you how to dress for your body type and highlight your best features with unique pieces from our store.

Gosia Jurgiel - Owner of Unique Boutique in Uptown Waterloo, ON

Gosia Jurgiel, owner and stylist at Unique Boutique has spent years in the fashion industry curating unique pieces for women in Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge (KWC) region and the areas surrounding that. She believes everyone needs to learn how to work WITH their body type rather than against it.

Gosia will extensively explain styling tips for each body type over the course of the upcoming week. She will get into how to enhance your best features with specific pieces and how to carry them well. 

To help you get ready for our series, we decided to introduce an online body type calculator our first post which will help you gain insight about your body shape before you get into styling it!

If you don’t know your body type, you can simply measure your hips, waist, and shoulders. Here is an online calculator that will assist you to determine your body type using your bust size, waist size, high hip size and hip size.

Body Type Calculator

We, at Unique Boutique, hope that the above calculator will help you determine your body type which is essentially the first step towards styling yourself accordingly. But if you're still facing issues with determining your body shape or would like to just draw a conclusion the old-fashioned way, here's a YouTube video by Erin Busbee of Busbee Style. 

If you liked what you read in this blog post, be sure to check in later during the week for a detailed breakdown on different female body types and how to style them hosted by the elegant Gosia Jurgiel.

Also be sure to follow our blog and social media handles on Facebook and Instagram for styling tips, fashion guidelines and discount codes for the upcoming holiday season. Until next time!

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    Hi,I’m texting because I’m confused with sizing on the clothes. Usually there’s somewhere to say what size range is . If u could help in this matter that would be great thx u

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