Winter Trends That You’ll Really Feel Like Wearing

Winter Trends That You’ll Really Feel Like Wearing

From keeping whites alive all winter long to cozy coats and jackets, we’ve got you covered.

The real question happening in fashion right now is whether to embrace all things comfort, or to lean right into the glitz and glam and dress to the nines even if only you and your close family are there to see it.

With all of the possibilities of unperceived existence pushed aside, we stick to a theory that falls somewhere in the middle. Without giving up an ounce of ease whatsoever, you can still look cool, polished, chic, WHATEVER your inner self is feeling. If you feel like wearing white well after Labour Day - so be it! If you want to invest in cozy jackets and coats, or wear loungewear all day everyday, there’s a cold, cozy-weather trend out there for you.

Winter Whites

Who says white has to be put away after Labour Day? It’s 2020 and there are no rules! Tennis whites are not a summer-only trend. Bring those preppy whites into the winter months by pairing with knit sweaters and chunky boots that look good on or off the courts! 


Is there anything more cozy and comforting than a good chunky knit on a cold winter's day? The answer is no, winter is about NESTING and there is nothing that makes you feel more at home than a super-cozy knit. Knit sweaters, knit toques, knit socks, you name it we LOVE it! 


Plaid is such a traditional winter trend and have so much potential! Wear them casually with jeans or tied around your waist with a pair of joggers, or pair it with a dress for a chic look! Also the perfect layering piece with leather.


A shacket is quite simply, a shirt and jacket in one. Shackets are casual than a blazer, yet not quite as nonchalant as a denim jacket. Shackets were HUGE throughout fall 2020 and make the PERFECT layering piece for winter. Such a good fashion investment!

Cozy Coats

If you are looking to invest in one piece this winter, make it a #CozyCoat. Fur, shearling, down, wool, the possibilities are endless! Anything oversized and warm will make all the difference in our Canadian winters, am I right?!

No matter what your winter plans are, staycations, working from home family-time, do it in STYLE!

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